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Calling all Latina Nerds


latina-nerds-unite is a new blog run by and for Latinas in the nerd/cosplay community. It will feature our cosplay, works of geekery, and serve as a space for our voices in our subculture. And of course, we’ll tag everything as #Latina to join in the effort of reclaiming our tag.

If anyone is interested in co-moderating, you are more than welcome to message me here. This blog needs your help! You can submit any and all of the cool nerd things you do, anything that’s relevant.

Solar System Necklace sold by kharaledonne
Nyan Cat Scarf  sold by acidkokoro

Nyan Cat Scarf  sold by acidkokoro


 I Heart Tony Stark Arc Reactor T-Shirt sold by ethicalpirate
Arwen Evenstar necklace sold by AlchemianShop
Simon Petrikov Plush sold by TiffyCuppyCake
Marceline the Vampire Queen Clock sold by alantronics
Adjustable Dragon Ball Ring sold by ocularfracture
Princess Bubblegum Plush sold by TiffyCuppyCake
Custom Single Glowing Soul Gem sold by Kartos
Kyubey Plush sold by BleedingHeartsCrafts
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